The Real Photo Reverse Coloring Book & Art Journal: Aqua Series

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What is The Real Photo Reverse Coloring Book?

It is a unique coloring experience where your colors have been provided for you using REAL photographs of water and color… watercolor reimagined!

Time for you to melt your stress away, let your imagination run wild, and add the lines and designs.

There is also extra art journaling space for you to make this journal even more unique and special with you imprinted on every page.

Relax. Imagine. Enjoy. Happy Creating!


*These books are printed to order. No sitting around in some storage area. They come fresh to you straight from the printers. With that, please be patient as there is some processing time that comes with custom printing. 


What is a real photo reverse coloring book and art journal?

It’s a complete coloring and art journal revolution… A peaceful one that is!

In this unique, inverted coloring experience, the colors are provided for you using REAL photographs of water and color. It’s watercolor reimagined! Time to add all the lines and designs. Doodle to your heart’s content. Let your imagination run wild!  

Do you see a bird? Draw its outline…

Do you see an old man smiling? Make him stand out….

Do you see a circle that should be a flower? Give it a stem & some petals…

Do you see a blob of color that’s screaming for a funky pattern? Go for it!

This is YOUR masterpiece! Get creative! Turn the book this way, that way, and even upside down! Don’t stay in the box!


Within the pages of this book there are NO boxes! NO rules! However, if you want a box… you draw that box! Just remember, there’s so much fun to be had when you step outside of the societal box that tells you how you “should” color.


Every page between the reverse coloring artworks are pages for you to use for more word and art journaling.

You can use this space to:

  • Free style doodle
  • Carry over your reverse coloring page artwork
  • Write poems
  • Add your favorite Scripture verse and decorate
  • Your thankful lists
  • Life goals
  • To let your heart pour out onto the pages
  • And so much more.

Get creative and make this art journal as unique as you are! Make it personal, filled with your heart and mind!

There are 51 unique reverse coloring pages and 57 additional art journal pages. You can even color the info pages as well.

Book specs:
-70# paper
-120 pages total  



This book is inverted in many ways including using black pages. There are many materials that will write on black paper. Regular colored pencils and bright crayons will work well. Gel, metallic, and glitter pens will add lots of pop and fun. There are many other materials to play and get creative with.


The black backgrounds may affect colors and materials causing them to possibly not perform the way you expect them to. For instance fire engine red may look maroon or dark pink. There are pages in the back of this book provided for you to test your materials.


Who is this book for? Anyone that wants to get creative and do something fun! People who enjoy stretching their minds. A perfect adult and teen coloring book. A great unique coloring experience for children as well.


Since doodling is good for relaxing and stress relief this can be a helpful tool for many children and adults to unwind. Doodling can actually help you to concentrate and absorb more information during teachings (almost 30% more than those that took notes alone according to a study done on doodling). It’s a great addition to your school, college. and church supplies.


Without further ado, I present to you a completely revolutionized coloring experience! Relax and let go of all the stresses and anxieties of the day!

Happy creating!


*These books are custom printed when ordered. No sitting around in a storage area. They come fresh to you straight from the printers. With that, please be patient as there is some processing time that comes with custom printing. 


For more examples (including video demo) and recommended mediums check out this post here!
Check out our fan club group on Facebook, The Real Photo Reverse Coloring Book Tribe.

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20 reviews for The Real Photo Reverse Coloring Book & Art Journal: Aqua Series

  1. Jessica

    This absolutely blew me away! The images have limitless potential for anything you can imagine! It has been so fun just looking at the images and imagining what I see, and my family too before I even start to doodle. The journaling pages make a great space to get thoughts out and to even doodle scripture! This is such a unique way to “doodle your brain away” as I call it. After a stress packed day, it is nice to let my brain rest and just do its thing with whatever happens to come out onto the page.

    Image #1 from Jessica
  2. Melissa

    This book is incredible! It’s a great activity to do with the family and it allows so much more creativity than just drawing or coloring. We have so much fun discussing what we see in the pictures before drawing, and then showing off what we’re creating along the way! This is one of the only things that will hold my 9 year old sons attention for more than an hour, he really gets into it! For me it’s a great grounding/mindfulness exercise, and I love the journaling pages too! This will be a great gift for kids and adults!

    Image #1 from Melissa
  3. J. Dowlearn

    A truly beautiful, unique, and innovative expression of a classic activity to offer an alternative to the hightech bombardment most of us experience every day. The photos are gorgeous, the twist on the concept is clever, and the information shared by the author and photographer is interesting, encouraging, and uplifting.

    There’s actually a lot to this coloring book, making it much more than just an activity; it really packs a punch for price especially compared to similar books (i.e. more pages, stunning photos, lots of room to doodle, instructions, commentary, etc.). I’m personally impressed and think others will be too. After purchasing for myself I definitely recommend this book to others, and will be gifting it to family and friends.

    I am sharing a digital drawing I did using one of the images from the book; this shows the versatility of the designs, medium, and application.

    Image #1 from J. Dowlearn
  4. Katrina

    This book is amazing! So helpful in letting all you cates flow from you onto paper, using you imagination to create something wonderful! My children even love it. It is so much fun to see what they see!

  5. A. Brown

    This book is as beautiful as it is unique! Each page will inspire you to see something different and create an intriguing piece of art! I you’re that person that colors outside the lines and doesn’t want to be bound by borders, this book is absolutely for you! The photography is beautiful and the puns are great! The blank pages are a great place to journal your thoughts and ideas or doodle some more! Overall, a great purchase! I enjoy working in prisma colored pencils when working on the black background.

  6. Corey Bailey

    The Real Photo Reverse Aqua Series is a relaxing and unique experience with coloring/doodling. Its allowed me to be creative with art even when I’m not feeling like being creative on my own. I’ve completed pages while cooking dinner, while riding in the car (which was difficult but can be done), and when I’ve just had down time to relax. You can make your doodles as simple or as intricate as you’d like. I enjoy it, as well as my 10 and 5 year old. And what’s fun about that is that each of us has a different take on what we see and how we will complete a page. We love it and can’t wait to see what other series the author will come out with!

    Image #1 from Corey Bailey
    Image #2 from Corey Bailey
    Image #3 from Corey Bailey
    Image #4 from Corey Bailey
    Image #5 from Corey Bailey
    Image #6 from Corey Bailey
    Image #7 from Corey Bailey
  7. Heather English

    I had never heard of a reverse coloring book until I came across this one… what a concept! And this book is so beautifully done! I love that the photos are photographs that the author actually took herself. This gives each page so much more meaning.

    The pages are absolutely beautiful and interesting. My girls are artists. They have had a blast doing the line-art in the coloring book.

    The pages themselves are a lovely quality. It was worth every penny! So now I want to know when the next book will be available:)

  8. Morgan

    This is an amazing book! Very fun and relaxing, there are so many unique high quality photos that help you to be more creative. Such a great activity and neat to see everyone’s different perspectives!

  9. Alyse

    New way to color. You put in the lines, not coloring between the lines. Use your imagination and draw what you see. Or just incorporate lines where you see fit. It does work with colored pencil. It’s a great way to use the white colored pencil that is never used. It is also fun to experiment with gel pens that are suitable for black paper. As an abstract artist I love the idea of just creating my own images or going with the flow and creating it as I go.

  10. Angela Hollon

    Such an amazing product! So many of us,adults and children, think outside of the box. This is a wonderful creative outlet to build that artistic spark. Our whole family enjoys this, especially our daughter. This book is a great tool to grow the imagination in a healthy way. Definitely recommend this book to all ages and families. Thank you for this book!

  11. Anaiah

    I can’t say how pleased I am with this reverse coloring book! The original pictures themselves are beautiful to look at! But let me say this, I have not had so much fun doodling for a long time! Every time I thought I was done another idea would pop into my head! Or my entire view of the page would change half way through and I’d go from making a waterfall to a fire! You cant get bored! You let your imagination run wild and come up with crazy stories!
    And how crazy it is that each person has a different view from what they see when they are doodling on these pages! One person sees a rocket while another sees the ocean and someone else sees a cave or something completely made by you! It truly brings the imagination to life!
    My sisters and I have been enjoying this ever so much!! I highly recommend this book! Even if you arent a doodler I still recommend trying it out! You might be surprised! I know I was!

    Image #1 from Anaiah
    Image #2 from Anaiah
    Image #3 from Anaiah
    Image #4 from Anaiah
  12. Eliy Lathyika

    I absolutely love this Coloring book! Drawing is one of my most favorite things. But, sometimes it is just nice to sit down and color where someone else has already drawn the lines for you. And don’t get me wrong, I love coloring books! But, Their tendency for repetitiveness, and unending black lines, and blankness just loose my interest somehow, and becomes very mindless, but not in a good way.
    I was excited to try this coloring book because it was different, but I was so shocked by just HOW different it was! I loved this coloring book so much, immediately! The forst time I tried it I sat and colored for three hours straight, and I was quite reluctant to put it down once I finally had too, and very sad to call the page finished. I have never had so much fun with a coloring book! The pictures are super beautiful, with such vibrancy to the colors! And each page so unique, and just so packed with potential! I am not one bit disappointed with anything, and wish I could rate this with many more that just five stars. It is truly deserving of it! I love this so very much and cannot wait for more books from the author!

    Image #1 from Eliy Lathyika
  13. Mikaela

    Wow, just wow. You know when you were a child and those colors of crayons could not create the vibrance of color one sees in their mind? This book completely fixed that. You are given this masterpiece that you then can make your own and use the colors on the page as your template. I can’t wait to see more options to expand the scope of imagination we all have had to bury under years of Crayola monotony. Stunning.

  14. Wayne

    What a fantastic reverse coloring book! You can see almost anything in these original photo negatives; whatever your imagination can come up with! It’s great fun, relaxing after a long hard day, and anyone can do it!

  15. Rachel Johnson

    This is an amazingly inventive color book for folks of all ages!
    The pictures are lovely and I really enjoy seeing how this color book sparks the imagination of my grandchildren. The little kids and the teens love it.

  16. Carrie Smith

    I am an avid colorer (if there were such a thing). I have been coloring since I can remember and have owned countless coloring books, doodling books, and sketch books; but this one! It sparks my imagination like no other. I love the black pages because they give you room to do whatever you want: journal, pray, doodle… The options are endless. But then Kaleigh added the creative touch of her photos that give you inspiration or maybe even structure to play with. The paperback is excellent quality and worth the extra money- the binding is strong and the print quality is beautiful. Perfect for prayer time and gifts for any age.

  17. Debbie

    I have never used a reverse coloring book before. Very neat photos of water in the pages. Just start & see where each gel pen line takes you. 1st photo is the actual untouched photo in the book. 2nd photo is my doodles turning into a butterfly on the flowers & a frog in the pond. I am not an artist but now I’m a Reverse Colorist who is having fun!

    Image #1 from Debbie
    Image #2 from Debbie
  18. Susanna

    This is such a treasure. If you are even just a little creative, consider getting this. It’ll bring you right back to the time as a child where you had to find the shapes and patterns in the clouds. Only this time, you’re not limited by a overcast day, and you can actually doodle what you see. It’s incredible, and truly, nothing quite like it on the market.

  19. Shannon P.

    I cannot wait for the next one!
    My kiddos & I have really enjoyed this unique reverse coloring book!! It encourages creativity & thinking outside the box. You get to have fun with gel, glitter pens., etc., which are essential for the color enhancement of the pages.! (Gelly Roll brand pens seem to work welll). They opposite pops of color, really bring the pages to life! If you aren’t sure what to begin with, doodling like back in school, is encouraged! Have fun with it!!

    Image #1 from Shannon P.
    Image #2 from Shannon P.
    Image #3 from Shannon P.
    Image #4 from Shannon P.
    Image #5 from Shannon P.
  20. Jordan

    This book is sooo BEAUTIFUL! Kaleigh’s photography is breathtaking in this book! What a cool idea to turn photos into coloring or doodle pages?! This reverse coloring concept is so neat and really fun to explore and I find Kaleigh’s to very open ended compared to others out there. The quality is top notch and ready for as much drawing and doodling you desire. I really enjoyed adding lines wherever I saw fit and creating my own picture!

    Image #1 from Jordan
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