Can You Heal Cavities, Naturally? Part 1

Can you heal cavities, naturally?

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Here’s our 6 week journey of using eggshells and a special DIY toothpaste for cavities! We wanted to see if we could remineralize teeth and get rid of cavities naturally (pictures included). You can check out the results and decide for yourself!

Many years ago I noticed my daughter had a cavity and a hole in her tooth. I had not heard about healing your teeth too much but was familiar with Weston A. Price and his documentation of tribal diets and their positive effect dental health. 

Dr. Price was a dentist that went and studied different tribe’s dental health and diets. He found tribal people usually had no dental hygiene and yet still had beautiful healthy white straight teeth. He observed that when these same people were introduced to an industrialized culture type diet they quickly got cavities, crooked teeth, and other dental issues.

This is great info for prevention but what if you already have dental issues… I started searching. 

At that time there wasn’t a lot of information available online but I found some here and there. I really had to dig and research each method I found. A concoction of those pieces is what sounded best to me. 

 I’m only telling you what we did and how it affected my daughter. Everybody’s body is different so that may not be what you’ll need but maybe it will be. I am not a doctor and am only sharing our story and my reasoning behind it. Please do your research!

Why not just get it filled?

I included my daughter after I got a game plan and asked what she wanted to do. We discussed what I was finding and the possibilities of what would happen if this didn’t help. She understood that it could get painful and her end up needing more dental work. 

She had a filling done a few years before. It was pretty hilarious really! She was trying to talk to the dentist the whole time he was working in her mouth telling him all about the cartoon they had on the TV due to the laughing gas they gave her. 

 I wasn’t sure she needed that first filling. I was told it was just a stain on her tooth. Then I was told it was a cavity later that same day. She was on medicaid at the time. I had heard of a bunch of stories where medicaid offices claim lots of cavities in order to make more money. They take a price cut when working with medicaid and if they can do more fillings while in the mouth they can make up some of that money, so I’ve been told. 

I actually had a relative that took their child to a dentist and was told they had tons of cavities in between the teeth where you can’t see. She questioned this and started searching and found complaints for that office claiming tons of cavities on medicaid patients. When those same patients got a second opinion the new opinion was there wasn’t that many at all. 

There is not a truly safe option for filling material. At the time I thought the white fillings were good and the silver fillings with mercury were bad. I didn’t know at that time the white fillings were also linked to health issues too so the filling was placed in her mouth. 

A few years down the road I knew all fillings came with risk. 

I also personally have some white coat syndrome stuff going on especially for dentists. What is it about a dentist, I do not know! I will be sweating, heart racing, trembling uncontrollably for a simple teeth cleaning… seriously! There hasn’t been a traumatic experience other than the time a dentist dropped a chuck of liquid silver mercury filling (most toxic state) down my throat on accident when I was a teenager. I didn’t know how bad it was for you at the time or I probably would have totally wigged out! I don’t know why I react like I do. 

We have had problems in offices with us not wanting fluoride and limited x rays on the kids. I have literally told a dental tech I didn’t want fluoride on the kids multiple times and she agreed. Then I watched her get fluoride and just about to use it. I stopped her to double check. While laughing she said, “Oh yeah that’s fluoride.. I’m just so use to doing it!” 

I really have a problem with offices that won’t allow parents to go back! My mama alarm goes off! There are a number of reasons why that’s a problem for me but knowing they will go against my wishes with me sitting there tells me they will do it for sure with me in the waiting room accident or not! 

My daughter decided she wanted to try to remineralize her teeth naturally first and see what happened before going to get it filled. 

We are told that sugar is what causes cavities. That isn’t exactly true. It’s from a lack of nutrients. Having low nutrients means your body is going to give the nutrition you eat to the vital organs and bodily functions. If the levels get too low for that then your body will take from the non essential places and give to vital functions. 

You don’t need teeth to live so if you don’t have enough calcium in your diet your body will take it from your teeth giving you weak teeth that are easy to break down and get cavities.  

We think of calcium alone for healthy teeth but there’s more to teeth and their ability to form than just calcium, like magnesium and fat soluble vitamins like A,D, and E. 

Here is what we did and why! Do your own research! 

 I addressed the nutrient loss and addressed the teeth for infection. I made a special toothpaste using comfrey plus some other things to nourish her teeth directly and deal with the infection causing the decay. Then I had to get minerals in her internally for her body to use.

For the toothpaste I used comfrey, antimicrobial essential oils, xylitol, stevia, baking soda, and organic virgin coconut oil. RECIPE in PART 2! Each one of these ingredients were picked for their effects on oral health. 

  • Baking soda helps clean and whiten teeth. It also adds to the texture of the paste and affects the oral PH.
  • Coconut oil was picked for texture and its antimicrobial properties. Many people do oil pulling for dental health. It is difficult to get a child to do that for 10 or more minutes 2 times a day though.  
  • Essential oils were picked for their antimicrobial properties. Attention was given towards ones that were especially good for oral health. 
  • Xylitol has cavity preventive properties and tastes good. 
  • Stevia because you need something to cover up the other ingredients. 
  • Comfrey.. The star here!!! 

When first introduced to comfrey I was told when you apply comfrey it causes your body to concentrate its nutrition and healing on that spot. 

If you have a lotion with comfrey for your hands your body will focus its efforts there on your hands when you apply the lotion. If you broke your ankle and are using a comfrey poultice then your body puts it’s focus on your ankle.

Comfrey is also full of minerals. It’s roots grow 10-14 ft deep and soak up minerals deep down then bring them up to its leaves. 

Comfrey is also called knitbone for it’s history of being used to heal broken bones quickly.This was a very important part of the recipe that most other recipes I saw left out! 

I use comfrey root powder instead of leaf powder because the root has a gel like substance that helps bind to the teeth making it more effective. She brushed her teeth 2 times a day with this toothpaste. Full recipe in PART 2

I know this story is a little long. In part 2 we will jump into the details of diet, eggshells, and the toothpaste recipe! Pictures included!  

Have you ever used comfrey before? I’d love to hear your experience! Tell me in the comments! It may just be what someone else needs to hear!

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