The #1 BEST Breastfeeding Help EVER!

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*Disclaimer #2 I am not a doctor! I’m not a midwife! I’m not a lactation consultant! I’m just a mom like you! I’ve done my research for my situation and I’m sharing what I found… Please do your own research for your specific situation. Include your health practitioners in your journey especially if you have a health issue!

I’m just sharing what I used and what was helpful for me! I’m not telling you what you need to do, only providing resources in case it would be helpful to someone else.

 If you are pregnant get these for yourself! I hope you don’t have any problems breastfeeding but if you do, having these on hand will make a complete difference in the world! 


Pure Silver Nipple cups

Sounds crazy right?

SOOO what are pure silver nipple cups??? you may ask… just what they are called… a round disk with a nipple shape that is made from pure silver… what in the world?? you may ask… why would anyone want that?? you may ask… well let’s find out why!

Unless you have a milk supply problem these nipple cups and nursing pads are the only things you would really need to breastfeed!

No creams, no ointments,  no lanolin EVER that you have to wash off before nursing! 

So let’s talk about silver! It is antimicrobial!

So this means you are lowering your risk for thrush and mastitis! While mastitis is an infection inside your breasts usually bacteria from outside travel in through cracks and sores. 

This is a massive reason to LOVE these!  

Silver is anti-inflammatory and promotes healing

I don’t know how to tell you how intense the pain for breastfeeding for me is. I don’t mean just for the few first weeks till you’re toughen up and it doesn’t hurt anymore! I mean months and months of tears and crying wanting to say ugly words even though I don’t say ugly words! I mean teeth clenching fingernails digging into the mattress or the chair type of pain!

 EVERY SINGLE BABY! Until I found this! NO PAIN AT ALL!  It was an absolute miracle for me! 

No cracking, no bleeding, and no scabbed nipples!

It was amazing! I actually started regrowing damaged nipple tissue! I was scarred from all the years of breastfeeding and having the scabs ripped off!  

I didn’t find these until baby number 5… I couldn’t believe the difference! 

After getting them I felt like my skin was a “little” dry one time and didn’t want it to get worse so  I decided not to use them one feeding and use some vitamin E oil in between that feeding and the next. BAD IDEA!  By the next feeding I was cracked and in pain! 

That brings me to the next benefit! 

They keep you from drying out and cracking without causing an environment supportive of an infection.  By not drying out, the scabs stay softer and moist, healing faster. This also means you don’t have a scab that rips off causing you to bleed and hurt worse! 

By the next feeding, just wearing them one time, the crack was already healed up and the pain gone again! 

NEVER AGAIN WILL I BE WITHOUT MY NIPPLE CUPS EVER! ….. for starting breastfeeding anyways..

You don’t have to always use them.  You use them in the beginning and as breastfeeding is going good and you are toughing up you can stop using them… but keep them around.  They become extremely helpful when the baby’s appetite picks up and you get a little sore from extra nursing or when you become a teething toy and get bit! OUCH!!!  It can be very painful but these are amazing and there for you all over again! 

You will have these forever and for always for every baby you breastfeed and could easily pass down to your children or grandchildren due to the antimicrobial nature and ease of cleaning.  Literally you clean them with water and baking soda that’s it!

It’s an investment that keeps giving and giving!

These here are the ones that I used! 

Get them for any pregnant friends you have and you will be their favorite friend forever and you’ll thank me for it! They may look at you strange LOL but if they use them they will love them too!

The only negatives are if you don’t have a padded bra the cups are noticeable through your shirt… but those first few weeks at home, barely sleeping, WHO CARES? Not me!

2nd negative is due to the hard metal edge occasional if you press up against something it might pinch a little bit.. it was not a big deal for me… just resituated things.  

THAT’S ALL the negatives for me anyways! The benefits waaaaaaay out weigh the negatives! 

Oh yeah… another plus… they also are able to get suction…  if you hold them on for a minute and you can keep them on without a bra if you want.  They will fall off if bumped or you roll and your breast changes shapes but that’s better than wearing a bra and being engorged! Am I right?

These are the ones I used!!!

To complete your breastfeeding kit check I’ll be writing about my favorite nursing pads and why I love them soon! 

Have you heard of these before???

What has your nursing experience looked like? I’d love to hear in the comment below! 

*This is not intended for diagnosing, curing, or anything else for any health condition. This is for research purposes only!