New Books Coming Soon

We are super excited to announce our brand new coloring and activity books!!!

We have a wide range of unique creative brain building books for the whole family in the works coming soon… even more than what is listed here.

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Introducing “The Real Photo Reverse Coloring Book & Art Journal: Aqua Series”

I’m super excited to introduce you to this wild book here which happens to be my very first book I’ve published and all reverse artworks are original photographs of mine.

So what is a reverse coloring book??? All your colors are provided for you. It’s time for you to add the lines, designs, and doodles.

Get creative! Turn the book upside down and all around and see what you can see. See a circle that wants to be flower?? Give it some petals and a stem. See an old man smiling?? Make him stand out! See a splash of color screaming for a funky design?? Go for it! You can get funky with a wild range of coloring utensils. My favorite are gel and metallic pens and colored pencils.

Did you know doodling actually has benefits for you?… like helping engage your parasympathic nervous system which helps you calm down and get out of fight or flight mode. Many find doodling helpful for dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. Studies have even found doodling helps with concentration and retention of information when doodling during teachings.. actually doodlers retained about 30% more info than students that only took notes!

If you would like to see some examples from the book testers and get an idea of what kind of things can be created in this book you can join our Facebook group and check it out.


This journal is mostly blank for all your drawing and sketching needs with a few surprise coloring pages scattered through out the journal. Intended for dry medias like charcoal, graphite, pastels, and crayons. Beautifully covered with original artwork/photograph by Kaleigh Abernathy (that’s me) which is also featured in The Real Photo Reverse Coloring Book & Art Journal: Aqua Series

The A-MAZE-ing Bible Activity & Coloring Book

This book is full of fun mazes, Scripture verses, and beautiful coloring pages! Even the cover is colorable. Perfect for children 8 and up. Learn Yahweh’s Word while engaging your mind, building problem solving skills, and relaxing and getting creative coloring.