A Guest Came A Callin’ Today!

post title a guest came a callin' today

Here’s our skoolie adventure for today! Sooo we had a guest show up to visit today!! It’s not often I have guest come! Especially with me experiencing chemical sensitivities and well… everyone just stinks to me… but she just showed up unannounced… and we just couldn’t send her away! Bonus she doesn’t smell like any chemicals! Isn’t she lovely??!!

We don’t know of any houses around with chickens so don’t know where she came from. Maybe she fell out of a truck driving by… I told Michael she was our’s now! I told him a big hawk must have picked her up and dropped her right here! And she was many miles away from home so she can’t leave LOL…

To any of you who don’t know… I am a chicken lady!!!! I know them like good friends! Even know exactly which hen was laying which egg. Even within the same breed where they looked “identical” and their eggs looked “identical”… I actually had their combs shape sketched with pencil on the side of my chicken coop. I could keep up with who had started or stopped laying for the season. Their combs are all different! Even if you think the chickens all look the same. Their eggs are shaped differently, have color variations, and freckles that are unique to that particular chicken.. I know I know.. I’m weird… right??

It has been over 6 years since I have been able to enjoy caring for my farm animals. One by one we had to get rid of them due to my health. It’s soooo sad and breaks my heart. But we are hopeful of getting more animals when we move out west. I miss my animals! That said chickens are so easy to have and care for. They were the last animal to leave our farm and will be the first back on out new farm! The reason for that was because we were leaving to stay with my parents because I had become so sick. Really they supply soooo much! You get eggs of course and meat if you want it… lots of good compost and fertilizer… bug control and best of all entertainment!

Then there’s those beautiful eggs for decoration!!! I am not talking about Easter eggs.. I’m talking about Easter eggers and well there are several breeds with beautiful eggs… from white to green and blue to dark chocolate brown and some ducks that have black and gray eggs. I love a beautiful egg basket inside!!! Makes my heart so happy!!! Even though I’m not eating eggs and haven’t been in along time… I had one hen that laid the most beautiful olive green egg with freckles. When you cracked it the inside was sky blue!!

I have been trying to talk Michael into putting a chicken coop on the back of the bus! Like Laura (Ingles) and Almonzo Wilder had on the back of their wagon when they left the Dakota territory and headed to Missouri. Have you ever seen their chicken coop? It is in the Laura Ingles museum in Mansfield, MO. It is SOOO cute! Michael hasn’t been up to the idea buuuuut now we have our new friend lol.

She is really tame and calm. Just letting Michael pet her like they knew each other. She would hop out of the way but wasn’t scared when my wild 3 year old would come running around. She’s braver than me!

She has stayed in the same couple feet of space all day and seems to be limping some. She doesn’t look like she has been attacked or in a fight so maybe she fell from a truck and got hurt a little but not too bad.

No matter how she got here she has been invited to stay and it seems she has accepted the offer at least for now. They kids got our dog’s traveling pen and cut hay themselves by hand and gathered saw dust for it and wrapped a blanket around to keep the winds off. We will find something better soon. She is staying the night next to Toby, our dog, so he can protect her through the night. She was shivering which is odd for a chicken especially since it was only a little chilly. The kids said her leg was for sure hurt so maybe the shivering is from whatever injuries she has going on..

My 5 year old found her so he keeps taunting “finders keepers.. I found her so she’s mine” .. in a playful not mean sort of way and he will share her with me.. Michael keeps saying we don’t have a chicken whenever the kids say we have a chicken lol.. well she has a name too so we will see. Meet Ms. Wyoming!

What guests have you had just show up before?

2 thoughts on “A Guest Came A Callin’ Today!

  1. My family once had a hawk get one of our chickens, take it up in the air and end up dropping it somehow.
    She was fine though and lived a long life.
    My mother named her barucha, a Hebrew name meaning “blessed”
    One of her chicks was later named baruchette😂

    1. Hi Juniper!
      Thank you so much for sharing!
      That is sooo interesting!!!
      We had that EXACT same thing happen too ;o)

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