Introducing The Real Photo Reverse Coloring Book

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I am so excited to introduce to you my very first book (of many to come), The Real Photo Reverse Coloring Book & Art Journal: Aqua Series! This book has been a labor of love and it is something I truly hope is a blessing to you and helps you to get creative and melt away the anxieties and stresses of your day!

The Real Photo Reverse Coloring Book & Art Journal: Aqua Series Demonstration

Sooooo what is a real photo reverse coloring book and art journal?

It’s a complete coloring and art journal revolution… A peaceful one that is! 

In this unique, inverted coloring experience, the colors are provided for you using REAL photographs of water and color. It’s watercolor reimagined!

Time to add all the lines and designs. Doodle to your hearts content. Let your imagination run wild! 

Prisma colored pencils

Prisma Colored Pencils

Do you see a bird? Draw it’s outline…

Do you see an old man smiling? Make him stand out….

Do you see a circle that should be a flower? Give it a stem & some petals…

Do you see a blob of color that’s screaming for a funky pattern? Go for it!

Mostly white Gelly Roll Pens

This is YOUR masterpiece! Get creative! Turn the book this way, that way, and even upside down! Don’t stay in the box!

Within the pages of this book there are NO boxes! NO rules! However, if you want a box… you draw that box! Just remember, there’s so much fun to be had when you step outside of the societal box that tells you how you “should” color.

Every page between the reverse coloring artworks are pages for you to use for your art journaling.

You can use this space to:

  • Free style doodle
  • Carry over your reverse coloring page art work
  • Write poems
  • Add your favorite Scripture verse and decorate
  • Your thankful lists
  • Life goals
  • To let your heart pour out on to the pages
  • And so much more.
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Get creative and make this art journal as unique as you are! Make it personal filled with your heart and mind!

There are 51 unique reverse coloring pages and 57 additional art journal pages. You can even color the info pages as well.

This book is inverted in many ways including using black backgrounds. There are many materials that will write on black paper, even regular colored pencils and bright crayons will work. Gel, metallic, and glitter pens will add lots of pop and fun. There are many other materials to play and get creative with.

The black backgrounds may affect colors and materials causing them to possibly not preform the way you expect them to. For instance fire engine red may look maroon or dark pink, so there are pages in the back of this book provided for testing your materials on. 

YBLANDEG Colored Pencils

Who is this book for? Anyone that wants to get creative and do something fun! People who enjoy stretching their minds. A perfect adult and teen coloring book. A great unique coloring experience for children as well.  

Since doodling is good for relaxing and stress relief this can be a helpful tool for many children and adults. Also doodling helps you concentrate and absorb more information during teachings (almost 30% more than those that took notes alone according to a study done on doodling) it is a great add in to your school, college. and church supplies.

Without further ado, I present to you a completely revolutionized coloring experience! Relax and let go of all the stresses and anxieties of the day!

Happy creating!

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4 thoughts on “Introducing The Real Photo Reverse Coloring Book

  1. We love our book. This book is great for someone who needs to let their imagination run wild. Great for all ages! Can’t wait to get creative again. Thank you for creating this book!

  2. Such an amazing product! So many of us,adults and children, think outside of the box. This is a wonderful creative outlet to build that artistic spark. Our whole family enjoys this, especially our daughter. This book is a great tool to grow the imagination in a healthy way. Definitely recommend this book to all ages and families. Thank you for this book!

  3. A truly beautiful, unique, and innovative expression of a classic activity to offer an alternative to the hightech bombardment most of us experience every day. The photos are gorgeous, the twist on the concept is clever, and the information shared by the author and photographer is interesting, encouraging, and uplifting.

    There’s actually a lot to this coloring book, making it much more than just an activity; it really packs a punch for price especially compared to similar books (i.e. more pages, stunning photos, lots of room to doodle, instructions, commentary, etc.). I’m personally impressed and think others will be too. After purchasing for myself I definitely recommend this book to others, and will be gifting it to family and friends.

  4. This book is amazing! So helpful in letting all you cates flow from you onto paper, using you imagination to create something wonderful! My children even love it. It is so much fun to see what they see!

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