Can You Heal Cavities, Naturally? Part 2

Can you Heal cavities, naturally?

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In part 1, I told the story of my daughter getting a cavity and some of the reasons we were looking for a natural alternative to a filling. I discussed a little of what we did and now we are going to jump into the results and more details on the exact protocol we did! If you missed that story check it out here! If you are ready for more let’s get going!

For the extra nutritional support I went with eggshells instead of the other calcium and magnesium combinations. Eggshells are 98% like our own bones. You need more than just calcium for healthy bones. That’s the most important part but you still need all the other components too. Eggshell’s calcium is up to 64% more absorbable than pure calcium carbonate.  They  also have been found to contain less heavy metals than calcium supplements. 

I decided to use raw eggshells from our free range organic chickens.  Most recipes I see call for pasteurizing them. I decided against this. YOU NEED TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON THIS. Salmonella is rare but is a risk. It only comes from sick chickens and even more rare among organic and free range chickens. 

When magnesium is heated it becomes inorganic in the science sense of the word. It’s a dead rock that is harder for your body to use than when it’s a “living” magnesium predigested by an animal or plant. This is why I decided raw eggshells would be a better option.

 You need to research this and make your own opinion on the risk of salmonella. I am not recommending you consume them raw! There is a risk! I am only sharing what we did and why. 

If you decide to use pasteurized eggs here is an organic human grade eggshell crumble that’s already dehydrated. It will save you some work but you’ll still need to blend it into a fine powder.  It says human grade but when you get it the paper says not food grade. I contacted the company. They told me the original supplier has them as food grade but they are a pet store. They’re not able to technically say it’s food grade. 

When you start looking into the diet for healthy teeth it is more of a tribal like diet. Low sugars, no grains or legumes, or if you have them they should be soaked or sprouted, high healthy fat in particularly healthy animal fats (Grass fed butter contains activator X which is awesome stuff), and lots of healthy organic protein. We didn’t do that exactly. 

We were on a homestead diet. We had raw milk, grass fed butter, vegetables from our garden and our own eggs. We had organic peanut butter or fruit smoothies every morning for breakfast or some kind of smoothie with raw goat milk. I can’t remember now if we were doing soaked grain and sourdough. It is possible we were. I’ve done that off and on through the years but I actually did NOT limit her grains or starches and carbs. She still had fruit and raw honey in her smoothies (cut with stevia).  I wanted to try just the minerals and the toothpaste and if that didn’t work then move on to making her diet more restrictive.

We started off with one eggshell a day. I took a picture of her tooth every Sabbath to see if we notice a difference. Here is day one and week 3. There is some improvement between the 2 pictures but I was hoping for more. This was a while back when phone camera’s were not that good. Please excuse that it isn’t really clear but I believe it is easy to see the changes! There was a bare thin line of white starting to show on week 3

day 1 tooth with cavity
day 1 tooth with cavity and hole
Week 3 tooth with cavity improving
Week 3 tooth with cavity starting to improve

After 4 weeks there was a little difference but not much. I decided to give her 2 eggshells a day. That next week there was a dramatic change. Here is week 4 and 5. Week 4 the white line was starting to get more pronounced and the cavity as a whole smaller. Week 5 after just 1 week of 2 eggshells a day made a big difference

Week 4 cavity in tooth splitting
Week 4 cavity splitting in two
Week 5 cavity improving greatly after 1 week of 2 eggshells a day.
Week 5 cavity improving greatly after 1 week of 2 eggshells a day.

By week 6 you couldn’t see a cavity at all.

Week 6... where did that cavity go?
Week 6… where did that cavity go?

From our experience and research I feel it has more to do with the minerals than restriction of natural sugars. I am totally against regular sugar and modern wheat though. We never eat them and haven’t in many many years. I am for healthy carbs found in fruit and healthy starches

The 1 eggshell was NOT enough for HER. It might have been enough for her body to function but it wasn’t enough to have excess to restore that tooth. Doubling it gave her that extra she needed and there was a big improvement fast.

I didn’t do this but I did see later that vitamin D is really important for healing teeth. She might have been getting enough vitamin D just playing outside and just didn’t have enough minerals. We had just gone through a time where our goats were not being milked for many months right before I noticed her cavity so she was getting less calcium for a while.  

I gave her 2 eggshells at 1 time when we got to week 4. Later I was researching it and found that your body can only process as much calcium as is in 1 egg at a time. You need to break it up into multiple doses during the day. 

Later, instead of blending it in her smoothie I started making eggshell powder. I would blend up dehydrated (but still raw) eggshells into a really  fine powder. (let this settle before opening the blender so you don’t breath in the powder and irritate your sinuses and lungs.) 

Then she would just take a 1/2 teaspoon which is equivalent to one eggshell and dump it on her tongue chased by water to wash it down.  It was gone quickly this way. I felt sorry for her before with her getting to the bottom of her smoothie with it being full of eggshells that had settled.. she wondered if the blue eggshells were going to turn her teeth blue LOL!

The powder smelled like pudding so I started putting stevia and cacao powder in the eggshell powder and the kids actually really like that. They would actually ask for more.

Just a warning… A BIG WARNING…. we stopped doing this after the 6 weeks when her tooth was all better. THIS WAS A BIG MISTAKE!!! We should not have stopped then! That cavity came back in the exact same spot after we had another time where our goats were dry so she wasn’t getting all the good bone building nutrients from the raw milk at that time. She had got enough minerals to heal but we stopped early so her body started taking the minerals from her teeth again to deal with the functions of the body.

 I have seen people be really strict with their diet. Maybe they needed to be. I feel if you’re having properly prepared sprouted or soaked grains and whole foods you will probably be fine. Make sure you are getting raw dairy and tons of healthy fats. I didn’t feel like we needed to eliminate the fruit and nuts. Might be helpful to have nuts sprouted.

 The phytic acid in grain damages teeth. That is why it is recommended to eliminate them for healthy teeth. This damage makes you use more nutrients to repair. Soaking and fermenting grains neutralizes the acid. Doing that will make it more tolerable. As far as the sugars in grains go, sprouting and fermenting predigest the carbs as well.  Wheat really does hurt my daughter. She is really allergic but I don’t think we knew that at that time. We were probably having  fermented wheat back then… we might have switched to spelt by that time but I can’t remember. 

We were off regular sugar and our only sweeteners were stevia and raw honey..

Healthy Teeth Protocol:

  1. Up minerals with eggshells. 
  •  Amount will vary depending on individual needs. 
  • You can consume too much calcium resulting in kidney stones and possible heart disease. Start small and use only enough to be effective.  
  • Boiling eggshells in water for 30 minutes will kill any pathogens of concern. 
  • Dehydrate eggs completely. Moisture will result in mold and bacteria growth. You can use a dehydrator or the oven on the lowest temperature. If you have a wood stove you can use the warming rack.
  •  Eggshells need to be made into a fine powder by blending in a strong blender or coffee grinder. If pieces are left too big they are sharp and can cut your esophagus. 
  • Sweeten with stevia and flavor with cocoa powder or other dry flavorings if desired.
  1. Healthy organic whole food diet!
  •  Lots of healthy fats 
  • Lots of vegetables 
  • Fruit (consider limiting.. We did not)
  •  Raw dairy if tolerable
  • Eliminate sugar
  • Healthy carbs only (consider limiting.. We did not)
  • Address grains by eliminating or soaking/sprouting
  • Soaked legumes and soaked/sprouted nuts maybe desired
  1. Herbal tooth support toothpaste 
  • 2 times a day

*We did take a Q-tip dipped in a little olive oil that had a drop of the same oils in the toothpaste and rub it directly onto the tooth a few times in the beginning. I just wanted the antibacterial effect concentrated on that tooth. We didn’t do this religiously and just a few times. You could also swish with a capful of hydrogen peroxide mixed with a capful of water for an antiseptic mouthwash too. We do that regularly in our family.


Makes half a pint

This is more of around about dump in a bowl recipe

Combine Baking soda and melted cold pressed virgin coconut oil to fill about half a pint and to the consistency you like. I just dump in a little and mix and add some more and mix again till it is right. You want it thick but easy to get on a toothbrush.

Mix in the following

Comfrey root powder (2 ounces)

Essential oils 10 drops each

Make sure they are therapeutic grade and safe for ingestion! This is a great site for EO saftey for children of different ages. 

     Peppermint (maybe safe for children 6+)

     Clove (maybe safe for children 2+)

     Thyme (maybe safe for children 2+)

Stevia  (BULK) and xylitol to taste. 

        Depending on your brand of essential oils you made need more or less to help the taste. Pure stevia is very sweet and you will probably use around 1/2 -1 teaspoon (start with less and just try it for your taste). Xylitol is more equal to sugar in sweetness so you will probably want to start around ⅛ cup.  

Mix it all up and put a lid on the jar and you’re done!

We just kept the jar on the bathroom counter and never had it spoil. If you are concerned about spoiling you can keep it in the fridge. Know it will harden the coconut oil making it more difficult to get on your toothbrush. 

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I would love to hear your experience and what you think! Have you ever tried to heal your cavities?

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