Can gut health help weight loss?

We have recently decided to try this new special probiotic that has specific strains of bacteria that target weight loss, inflammation, and cortisol. I have been sharing some on Facebook and decided I needed to start sharing here!

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Ok now back to this probiotic! SO we have been using supplements for 2 years from The Mental Wellness company and have been pleased very much so and I’ll share that story later in a different post…. well they launched this new probiotic… this QUADbiotic… and it got my attention and we decided to give it a try with my husband and see what happens.

This QUADbiotic. Is a “first in the world” approach (patent pending, research proven, cutting edge) to help people get unstuck by harnessing the power of the microbiome and Gut-Brain-Axis. Each of the ‘biotics’ addressing a different aspect of the Gut-Brain-Axis and helps users feel better while they lose weight.

It contains the following but it uses VERY specific strains to get the desired results!

  • Probiotic: inflammation
  • Prebiotic: appetite (less sugar cravings)
  • Phytobiotic: stress (better sleep)
  • Postbiotic: belly fat (lose inches)

My husband, Michael, even though we eat very very healthy and he is very active he has dealt with some weight issues our whole marriage. It’s really just around his middle so didn’t seem a big deal but that is where it is a big deal because it effects the surrounding organs!

but that is where it is a big deal because it effects the surrounding organs!

With my own research for my health with Lyme Disease and hormones I know that weight loss is not just a math problem with calories in and calories out! If it were Michael would be a bean pole cause he has always worked very hard in construction! Out in the heat lifting and toting and just always going! His work ethic is AMAZING! And he sweats like crazy so he should be sweating any weight off!

I took a course from Dr. Alan Christianson a few years ago (You can find his book The Adrenal Reset Diet Here) about thyroid issues. He shared a lot about fat and hormones and in particular belly fat being an effect from cortisol and adrenal issues…

He had even talked about a sample of fat from the abdomen was being tested and it put off cortisol and had it’s on circadian rhythm where at different parts of the day the fat put off more cortisol and other parts of the day less… which is what we do.. we are suppose to wake up with cortisol levels higher to get us up and going and then they lower as bed time gets here to help us go to sleep!

So I just figured all of Michael’s issues were stress related because he has been under a ton of stress for a long time! Because of his stress levels he gets stressed out easier than say I do and it really effects his mood and tolerance! So I know stress hormones are huge players in his body for sure and figure the weight issues too!

When I was telling someone else about this new probiotic and Michael was sitting beside me hearing all about it he all a sudden said order me some! I was surprised and like OK!!

Here’s some of the stuff he was hearing me say: In addition to the above info on the different biotics and their purpose.

“In a study on mice 🐭 and weight loss… they found it was all about the signals dealing with the microbiome… they found there were certain probiotic strains in lean weight 🐭 mice that were MISSING in the over weight mice!!!

They took the microbiome from the lean mice 🐭 and put them into the over weight mice and… guess what happened??

The over weight mice 🐁 started losing weight and their behavior even changed!

They started moving and exercising more and eating all the time!!!

They then took the microbiome in the over weight mice 🐁 and put it into lean mice and guess what happened???

The lean mice 🐭 started putting on weight and their behavior changed too!!

They started not being as active 😴 and craving food🍰🍪🍿🍩🍦

So then the question comes up would this same thing happen in humans?

Well it seems that is exactly the case! The bacteria in our gut doesn’t just effect the gut! They effect the signaling between the gut and brain and really through out the body! They actually even create different vitamins like B vitamins and neurotransmitters and more! 95% of your serotonin (aka The Happy Hormone) actually is made in the gut! The state of your microbiome literally controls how you feel mentally and emotionally and physically!

I am probably not telling you anything new with all this! Most of this is info that has been being shared for a while!

BUT The Mental Wellness company has taking the science from the mice study and created a first of it’s kind probiotic with specific strains to help with weight lose and it is backed by 15 clinical studies and has a 1 year money back guarantee so sounds like it is worth a shot!

SEE NOT ALL strains of probiotics preform the same function in your body!!!

SEE NOT ALL strains of probiotics preform the same function in your body!!!

Michael and one of my daughters started it just 1 week ago and I’ll be posting updates so you can follow along with us! Just a few days into taking this QUADbiotic he said he felt better.. He felt less bloated, more energy, more mental clarity, he was accomplishing more each day, and just felt better.

After just 2 DAYS he said he thought he felt thinner… day 3 his regular hole on his belt isn’t tight enough… Day 3 my daughter had already lost some weight and Michael was noticeably thinner!

So here are the first week results!

1 week weight loss results

In addition to the mental and mood improvements listed above.. which are pretty big deals in well being!

  • Michael is DOWN 5 inches
  • Michael is DOWN 2.6 LBS
  • My daughter is DOWN 3 inches
  • My daughter is DOWN 2.8 LBS

Guys this is just 1 WEEK of taking a pill in the morning and in the evening!!!! And after 2 weeks they will drop to just 1 in the morning!

I have been helping others that are stuck in their health and weight loss journeys and literally it had brought me to tears!!!

One lady messaged me telling me not only had she lost 2 pounds in 3 days but since she started this probiotic she was able to completely come off her anxiety medicine!!! AND she was able to go out shopping and out to eat!!

Normally anxiety is so high she struggled to go out in public!!! ANNNDD she is 10 months sober! Which is awesome! She is doing such a great job! But she still struggled at least 1 time a day with the urge to drink! From day 1 on this probiotic she didn’t have any more urges!! Anxiety was a trigger for drinking for her!

Another customer told me she was on a prescription medication for energy that she took daily just to function. After day 1 she didn’t need the prescription anymore and had more energy and was sleeping better which was huge cause she struggles with sleep! She added a complementary protocol from The Mental Wellness company with the probiotic as well!

Another lady actually sent me a message cussing at me because she couldn’t believe how good she felt from day one! She said medication never helped her and she just couldn’t believe how boosted her mood was and how calm she felt!

If you are feeling stuck and would like some help.. or someone you care about… and would like something that is so safe it is even safe while pregnant and breastfeeding… please reach out! I am more than happy to help you figure out which products would be a great fit for you personally aaaannndd see about getting you some good deals as well!!!

Email me with the subject “Gut Weight Loss Solution” at kaleigh at livingwithedenstreasures dot com if you would like to learn more or like to get the best current deal!

You can get $10 off your fist purchase with the link below!