The Work Smarter Not Harder Gardening (COMING SOON)

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Course Summary.

  •  Intro
    • a summary of what you will be learning in this course
    • intro to me and my history with gardening for over 15 years
  • discussing a typical garden dream story (what the garden everyone wants and what it looks like)
  • discussing reality’s garden story (discovering all the challenges that usually happen) then moving on with how to deal with those challenges
  • Do NOT till your garden!!!
    • We will discuss how tilling damages your soil and ruins your garden success for the whole season and longer
  • How do you properly prepare a garden when not tilling?
    • Discussion of materials and how to apply them for mulch gardening. Pros and cons of the different materials
  • Positive effects from mulch gardening and how it effects the following
    • weeds
    • pests
    • irrigation
    • fertilizer
    • disease
    • increase production
    • soil PH and microbiome
    • and more!
  • Worms -your best tiller!
  • When to plant
    • planting by the moon
    • Zones and frost dates
    • Plants preferred planting time
    • seasonal gardens
      • when to plant what
      • Making the most production out of your space by planting seasonal gardens
  • Where to plant and how to work with different landscape situations.
  • Working with retaining walls, raised beds, and containers
  • Making non usable areas usable.
  • What to plant
    • What do you like and eat a lot of..
      • Canning or fresh
      • Is it a single harvest or a continual harvest
      • Can you extend it’s season
      • Big or small quick or slow
      • Finding plants resistant to pest or disease 
  • You know what and when, now lets learn how.
    • plant spacing
    • companion planting ( for use of space, pest control, and plant rigor)
    • planning your garden in advance
    • learning to read packs
    • direct sow and transplanting
    • seed size and plant depth
    • bed verses row
    • learning to recognize seeds that need light or not covered
    • dealing with seeds that can’t dry out to germinate
  • Irrigation
    • one of the best benefit of mulch is the lack of work watering  and benefits of rain and dew
    • different types of irrigation
  • Weeds
    • best tools
    • prevention
    • moon cycle weeding
  • Pest
    • learn how to let nature help you
    • essential oils
    • companion planting
    • natural pesticides that really WORK including living ones that work for you
  • Harvesting
    • Cut and come again harvest
    • Pick and increase
    • Extending the garden
  • Intro to basic seed saving for  the everyday gardener

*This course is being given in a Facebook group setup as a social learning experience. You’ll get an email with the access link and more information on how the social learning experience works after you purchase the course.

5 reviews for The Work Smarter Not Harder Gardening (COMING SOON)

  1. Jazmin

    Kaleigh is a brilliant teacher with a mesmerizing teaching style. She truly know her stuff and has broken this course down into manageable steps. I recommend everyone take this course, to start or brush up on your gardening skills.

  2. Rose

    Wonderful course with so much information! Definitely recommend to those looking for a beginner-friendly course that still has plenty of info for more advanced gardeners.

  3. Sarah K.

    Kaliegh’s course is so informative! She is a wealth of knowledge. I’m a very beginner gardener and this course has helped me start my garden off on the right foot. I have learned how to garden with less time, energy and expenses!

  4. Candice Beavers

    Kaleigh is a very intelligent woman who has much knowledge in the area of gardening and health in general.

    If you want to have a successful garden year after year and be a great gardener like Kaleigh here then your first step is to get Kaleighs “Work Smarter Not Harder” course.

    This course is on sale but it is worth far more than even the regular listed price!

    Thanks Kaleigh. Xxoo. 💋

  5. Ashley English

    I tried several different gardening techniques when I first started gardening. They all took way too much of my time all season and had poor results sometimes. Then Kaleigh showed me the back to Eden method. I have not done anything else since. It is by far the best way! And Kaleigh is a great teacher. Anytime I have questions I turn to her. I am even rewatching her videos and still learning new things and being refreshed on things I had forgotten.

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