Welcome to our home everybody! I’m so glad you’re here! I can’t wait to get to know you!

I will be sharing our wellness and homesteading journey with you and the joy we find along the way! Here’s a little of the kind of things you’ll be seeing around here!

We have been dreaming and putting our hands to having a homestead for 17 years. There’s been a lot of challenges and great learning experiences. Lots of success and fulfillment! There’s nothing more satisfying than putting your hand to something and pulling it back out full!

Sooo then there’s our family life…I’m a mother of 5!!! We have always homeschooled our kids… Things get a little (a lot) loud and crazy.. stressful and fun… loving and frustrating… overwhelming and fulfilling…it’s “what were you thinking???” and “wow that was soooo intelligent!… way beyond your years!”

We strive to raise our children to grow up with a couple things as the most important things in their lives!

First thing is to love their Heavenly Father with all their heart and obey His Word without question! So that includes a lot really!

Second thing is to be able to think! I actually tell my kids and I quote “more than anything (other than thing number 1) I want you to think!… to question everything LOGICALLY! To research and test things…Don’t just believe what people say… know WHY you believe WHAT you believe! … and PLEASE don’t be stupid!” LOL but that’s important to me! That sums up a lot of homeschooling right there!

I’m passionate about everything health! With a full house and life I’m also passionate about health that’s real, doable, and affordable!

I’ve learned a lot through my life dealing with a chronic infection I didn’t even know I had for years maybe even a couple decades… really I’ve learned a LOT! I had to be my own health advocate and really really research because what I was going through is not well understood or accepted by the majority! I can’t wait to dive deeper in sharing healthy recipes and everything wellness with you!

Through all the challenges I’ve gone through (more on that later) I’ve really had to practice focusing on something of beauty that brings me joy! I want to share that beauty and joy with you and can’t wait for you to share your’s with me! It’s like a smile.. so contagious!

No matter what challenges you are going through there is SOMETHING even if it’s tiny that you can focus on that has beauty and brings you joy! Once you focus on that one thing everything else blurs, just like in a photograph with a shallow depth of field.

Y’all make yourselves at home! Grab a glass of tea…. organic and naturally sweetened of course… and join in some good conversations! I’m a southern girl whose love language is quality time…a powerful combination soooo I might talk a lot! Join right in!

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